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A Cloud Based PMS That Will Help Your Business

A Cloud Based PMS That Will Help Your Business

Bangkok (Thailand) – August 15, 2017 (travelindex) – No hotel can afford to go a day without a Property Management System if the intention is to keep the business running smoothly – but even when your system is fully operational you may still be facing several issues. The system may lack flexibility, limiting your payment options and stopping you from creating promotions. You might not have the technological knowledge necessary to get the best out of your system. The system may not be suitable for your own particular hotel, or group of hotels. All too often, there might be a lack of efficient customer support.

Rei Matsuda, Founder & CEO of Kokotel, faced similar problems when his group previously relied on a server-based system which was based on the conventional model of a ‘stand-alone five-star property’.

“That technology needed a complete overhaul to drive revenue opportunities. The on-premise system was becoming too time-consuming, limited, and lacked integration and automation capabilities,” Rei pointed out. With three hotels to run, time is a valuable commodity for Rei, so wasting it on a failing PMS isn’t an option.

The most important thing is to have user-friendly software which offers simplicity and is not constrained by technological boundaries, but from the business perspective, hoteliers today are not only looking for a basic system that helps them manage rooms, but also a system that can help maximize revenues and increase occupancy rates.

“I was convinced to choose Hotelogix because of its affordable pricing, multi-property management function, and flexibility to develop the product to meet our specific requirements. Management of multi-functional properties is the biggest thing, with single sign-on, multiple-property reports, and many other features. Another advantage is dynamic pricing based on occupancy rates for each room type. Now we are flexible and can automatically change our rates for each room type thanks to Hotelogix. That gives us an opportunity for much better revenue management,” said Rei.

Another key benefit to using the latest Hotelogix PMS is that managers no longer have to be on the premises to be effective. “Due to cloud PMS, we now have access to our properties from practically anywhere. Even if I am somewhere in a remote location, I can still handle the operations of my hotel,” added Rei.

The results from using a quality PMS quickly become apparent as Rei revealed that Kokotel can now up-sell and cross-sell across their groups and centralize their real-time rate management. With the central reservation system, Kokotel can maintain central control of room types, rate codes, market segments, and the various sources of business for their properties. The real-time inventory management control has also helped to improve sales, as well as eliminate overbooking.

“Being a start up, we want to maximize everything we do,” explained Rei. “We were looking for a scalable system that could grow with our evolving property needs and with a solid support team that can assist us whenever we need them. I think Hotelogix is a perfect match for us.”

About Kokotel
Kokotel is a newly developed bed and café concept from Thailand-born. It will create a unique guest experience by thoughtfully prepared offerings and services. Kokotel started as a small, 40-room hotel and café in Bangkok, Thailand. Kokotel welcomes many guests from around the world with wholehearted hospitality. Kokotel is the name inspired by some Japanese words which well-represent Kokotel concept. The most important word is “Kokoro (heart)”. This is a symbol of our commitment to provide heart-warming service with Thai hospitality and Japanese quality. Whether you come with close friends or family to enjoy a fantastic trip, we can take you beyond just sightseeing and eating great food. We help you discover and share wonderful things about yourselves. Read more about Kokotel at www.kokotel.com