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Andrew Wood, New VP for Southeast Asia at Skål International

Andrew Wood, New VP for Southeast Asia at Skål International

Seoul (Korea) – August 31, 2018 (travelindex.com) – Robert Sohn, President of Skal International Asia, announced that effective immediately, Andrew J. Wood was co-opted as Vice President for Southeast Asia (SEA) by the organisations Asian board.

Andrew is not new to this position as he was VP for Southeast Asia during 2009-2010 and was a former Executive Committee member of SI.

“Without doubt, he keeps a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to SI, and more importantly, I highly regard his ardent passion on SI,” said Sohn.

Said Wood: “It is a privilege to once again work with good friends and colleagues for the betterment of Skål International throughout Asia.

“A member since 20 August 1992, I celebrate 25 years of Skål membership this year. Returning to the AA board, therefore, is the icing on the Skål cake. Thank you all so much. I will do my best, and I look forward to joining you all for the mid-term meeting in Macau from November 2-5, 2017.”

Andrew J. Wood, is a well-travelled travel writer and former hotelier with over 35 years of hospitality and travel experience. He is a regular media contributor and guest lecturer at various universities in Thailand including Assumption University’s Hospitality School and most recently the Japan Hotel School in Tokyo.

Contact information:
Andrew J Wood
VP | South East Asia (SEA)
Skål International Asia
E: ajwoodbkk@gmail.com
W: www.skalasia.org