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Building Trusted Brands, One Thing that Changes Everything by Stephen Covey

Building Trusted Brands, One Thing that Changes Everything by Stephen Covey

Bangkok (Thailand) – September 21, 2017 (travelindex.com) – For the first time live in Bangkok, Stephen M.R. Covey, Trust expert, Executive Thought Leader, and best-selling author of “The Speed of Trust”, 1# on New York Times and Wall Street Journal, recently flew into Bangkok especially to conduct a seminar titled “Building Trusted Brands – One Thing That Changes Everything”. According to Mr. Covey, the factor of success in today’s global competitive market, is the trusted brands, but before we can build up a brand to a trustworthy position in the top rank, how was “Trust” created?

“Trust” is something internal, it is built from inside out. The high trust cultures are created inside out, exactly the same as the high trust brands. Hence, to create ‘Trust’, we must start from the inside of our mind. The basement of the strong building of trusted brands must be crafted from the people in the organization. Moreover, from the researches, people or customers tend to trust the employees of the organization more than advertisements and the CEO.

‘Trust’ is financial. How is that supposed to be? Mr. Covey said that ‘Trust’ always impacts two outcomes: SPEED and COST. With the high trust, the faster the speed of working with efficiency in the company the lower the company risks issues regarding fraud, disengagement, and many more. Consequently, the company pays lower risk cost and gets higher speed of success. Moreover, ‘Trust’ is currently number 1 leadership competency in today’s changing environment. It can help improve the results focus, communication, collaboration, leading change, innovation, strategy and as well as problem solving. ‘Trust’ can be learned and measured, it is part of functioning mechanism of CREDIBILITY and BEHAVIOUR, and it is measurable and can be deliberately created.

It is crucial, in today’s world to have ‘Trust’ in the brand, but to build a trusted brand, as mentioned by Stephen, has to start from the basic level of each organization: PEOPLE. But how? How can people create trust and be a leader? There are the so called “The 5 Waves of Trust”, namely, ‘Self Trust’; ‘Relationship Trust’; ‘Organizational Trust’; ‘Market Trust’; leading to the final trust – ‘Societal Trust’. Stephen recommends to model trust through character and competence and compares them to the roots and trunks respectively of a tree. Character or Roots are to be modeled on Integrity and Intent while Competence or Trunks including leaves and fruits are built on Capabilities and Results leading to the TREE of success and the 4 cores of credibility: Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results. To sum up, success starts from the basic elements of Self Trust/Self Integrity.

Stephen also helped clarify the 13 behaviours of high trust, to help everybody build trust from inside out and become a leader. Starting from talking straight, demonstrating respect, creating transparency, righting wrongs, showing loyalty, delivering results, getting better, confronting reality, clarifying expectations, practicing accountability, listening first, keeping commitments and lastly, extending trust. From these lists of behaviours, it helps in creating the trusted personality which leads to the success in self trust and relationship trust. When everyone in organizations is
fulfilled with trust, then it creates the next impact or next wave as of the organization waves which moving forward to market trust and finally the societal trust. The same as the trees, if the roots are strong, the trunk and upper parts are all well groomed.

This seminar by Stephen was one of the most impactful approaches for everyone, from the basic level to developing oneself and creating the waves of impact to the upper level in a vast scope. It is the key to success in every society and even at country level.

Khun Porntip Iyimapun, the CEO and Founder of PacRim Group also gave a powerful speech regarding her vision of creating a humble and successful society for the country based on Stephen’s teachings regarding ‘Trust’ as “leaders will be able to better manage change and lead high-performing teams that are agile, collaborative, innovative, and engaged”. By holding this impactful seminar, Khun Pornthip wished to be part of everyone’s strong roots of trusted trees which can lead to the ‘efficient forests’ on a countrywide scale, to help boost and support the current “THAILAND 4.0” scenario.

To learn more on how you can bring the Speed of Trust to your organization or to find out more about great and inspiring seminars and other interesting courses by PacRim Group, visit www.pacrimgroup.com or call +66 278 0200 ext. 1 , email : info@pacrimgroup.com

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