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International Guests Discover History and Culture During Pre-WTE FAM Trip at Haikou

International Guests Discover History and Culture During Pre-WTE FAM Trip at Haikou

Haikou, Hainan (China) – October 26, 2019 (travelindex.com) – In response to the current situation of tourism market in China, World Tourism Exchange China (Haikou) 2019 (WTE China) combines the policies of “bringing in” with “going out” to invite international buyers (mainly in the US and Europe) and domestic sellers. It involves a variety of trade promotion exchange activities such as tourism trade forums (conferences), tour product transactions, and FAM trip of tour product around the inbound tourism products of China (customization, incubation, marketing).

On November 21, the international guests who were the first to arrive in Haikou departed from the Haikou Marriott Hotel and began to investigate the tourist route products and tourist attractions of various themes in and around Haikou, with the anticipation of promoting bilateral tourism exchanges and cooperation to assist Haikou in expanding its tourism market in North America and Europe.

The international guests visited the Shishan Volcanic Cluster National Geological Park in Haikou as their first stop, which opened a unique park tour. As the only tropical volcanic cluster geological park of island city in China, there are many attractive mysteries. This volcanic science park built according to local conditions is full of magical volcano “passwords”. The international guests were surprised by this special tourism which harmonized volcanic geological remains and natural eco-culture. Steve, an educational tourism expert who came to Haikou for the second time, praised the superior resources of the Volcanic Cluster National Geological Park of Haikou and was very optimistic about developing it into high-end geological eco-tourism.

Master Shen Zhi, the head of Shen-style Taichi links and integrates the health care feature of Taichi, traditional cultural connotation and ecological environment, a tour product of healthy lifestyle is thus incubated, which is also integrated into the this pre-event FAM trip. In the crater, Master Shen Zhi led the enthusiastic international guests to experience Taichi culture, showing the great harmony between human and nature.

After experiencing Taichi, the international guests came to the Mission Hills Resort in Haikou to start a healthy journey. There were innumerable world-class leisure and fitness facilities for international guests to relax themselves completely. Jose Opulencia, who pursued a casual and healthy lifestyle, repeatedly said that it was an absolute resort. The international guests not only admired the golf course cluster built on the volcanic rock, but also favored the rich nostalgic atmosphere of H. Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Town in Mission Hills.

In the final stop of the pre-event FAM trip, the international guests came to the H. Brothers Feng Xiaogang Movie Town in Mission Hills to experience a time travel. Walking through the cities and neighborhoods of China transformed in different times and spaces, the international guests lingered on the Chinese style of different ages. After returning to the hotel on the same day, they still said that they were reluctant to part with it.

The pre-event FAM trip will end on October 22. Haikou is selected as the venue for WTE China, aiming to further accelerate the development of Haikou International Tourism Island and to improve the quality of tourism in a breakthrough way. In this way, overseas traveling agents can learn about the scenic areas and tourist attractions of Haikou more comprehensively and deeply, and explore, design and dig the tourism highlights of Haikou through cooperation, so as to create tourism products that are suitable for European and American tourists to attract them to travel to Hainan and make Haikou one of the most beautiful sections of Hainan’s tourism industry.